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Missing Person Searches

Confidential Investigations - Missing Persons InvestigationsWe can locate a missing relative, deadbeat spouse, witness, friend or someone who owes you money. Look no further. Our Investigators use the latest tools and techniques to locate people nationwide. Price is dependent on factors such as if this person wants to stay missing or has simply moved to a different location. Simple skip traces involve tens of dollars; longer, more complicated cases may reach into the hundreds. In one case we tracked a transient through five states and for over three months. In the end the person was found and reunited with a concerned family member. Investigators routinely skip trace parties involved in litigation with a 98% locate rate.
Missing person testimonials
"My girlfriend and I lived together and eventually had a child together. Six months later, she wrote me a letter saying she was sorry and that she just couldn't handle things as they were any longer. She then took my daughter and disappeared. I tried to find her through the State but they were not helpful, even though they collected child support from me. I contacted a private detective in Boise to help me. All I received was a large bill, her SSN and driving record. A year later I contracted Confidential Investigations to find her. They not only found her, but within two weeks she was served with custody papers. I now have full visitation, parental rights and best of all a relationship with my two year old daughter."

W. J.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"Our son had been missing for 25 years and we had hired several PI’s in the past to find him, none of them found him and most said he was no longer living. My wife and I met with Erin Jenkins of Confidential Investigations and he told us that if he was no longer alive he would still find him. So with some reluctance based on past experience with other PI’s we hired them. Erin talked with us often and showed us progress and that was not something we had before so it gave us hope. Two months had past when Erin called one morning with an update and told us of the latest progress, our son was homeless and was in Texas and that it was just a matter of time before he had him located. 10 minutes latter Erin called again and gave us a phone number to call for our son!! He was at a day labor center trying to get work. We called and they put him on the phone! What a day, we were so thrilled to hear his voice, he is home now and we are so thankful to Erin and his staff!! The thing that just amazed us was they found him and never left the office!! These guys are awesome!! The best thing was we had our son back and now didn’t have to wonder and worry about him. The other great thing was it cost less than half of what we paid others that found nothing!"

Mr. and Mrs. G
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Our investigation team can provide further references consisting of satisfied clients. We work with your attorney to provide the evidence needed to prevail in court.

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